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Originally Posted by davidmclean100 View Post
Otherwise, you might as well just switch to Ableton, Logic, Cubase etc and Sylenth - where it is so easy to get massive sounding synths just by dialling in a few simple controls!

So personally it doesn't bother me if the Rack Extensions aren't mind-blowing, i try and get big sounds using what's already in Reason without the Rack Extensions - think this is how you have to approach reason if you're going to make seriously good music on it.
Sylenth1 have nothing over Antidote in terms of features as Antidote features more "voices" per oscillator, overall higher detail and of course the modifier, which Sylenth1 lacks completely (Sylenth doesn't offer sync, lacks basic pwm and lacks wavetables).

You could argue that Sylenth1 has two parts that Antidote lacks, which is redeemed by simply putting Antidote in a Combinator, but if you look at the surrounding features and capabilities, the "core" of Antidote is more flexible (and yes, I own both so I can make a 1:1 comparison) than Sylenth1 is.