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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery View Post
lmao... I was waiting expectedly for something like that

Actually there was a spider-web type thing in the original design of Shelob, similar to the one the Spider devices, but thin lines are VERY hard to do in the SDK, as you're building them at hi-res, and thus have no idea how they render at small scale until the SDK export. 1pt lines tend to just disappear. In the end it just got in the way or looked crap. As it is a lot of the fine detail in RE designs is lost in the 2D reduction to 756px. They do look awesome in 3D though when you can see the texturing on the front and the way the light bounces off, so you get the full effect of the various maps.

While I'm not in favour of an entire 3D rack, per se, I kind of hope Props do put in a "View Device" 3D mode so we can see these things in close-up, cos you guys would bloody love it, and 360° device-spinning is such a cool timewaster!!
So that means you'll hire me right?


I was wondering how you got those angled renders, same with all of Props shop icons.
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