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Is ReCycle right for me?

So I've been trying to figure out if ReCycle is something that I should invest in. I already have Reason 6, and I'm happy with everything that it does for me. However, I've always been into messing with samples (splicing, pitching, etc).

I know some of the basic things that can be done with ReCycle, such as splitting up a drum beat or other rhythm tracks. The ability to export as a .rex file seems useful as well. However, I also know that the NN-XT has a very basic ability to do this. While it is not as complex as ReCycle, that aspect is less of what I am wondering about. I'd also like to be able to take a sample of a sound, say the striking of a pitchfork, and be able to pitch it up and down without affecting it's speed or distorting the quality of the sound drastically.

In general, that is what I am more concerned with. Pitching sounds without affecting speed or tonal quality of the sound is more what I am looking for in a piece of software right now.

So, is ReCycle right for me? If not, what sort of program should I check out?