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Originally Posted by Rhypht View Post
I mean, like I said, I'm not TOO concerned with that, what I'm more wondering is if ReCycle is powerful enough to handle taking a single note of an instrument (or maybe not an instrument at all?) and pitching it without changing speed.
It does not do that. The Dr.OctoRex can change the pitch of sounds, but it does it in the same way as the NNXT or NN-19 samplers, by slowing the playback speed of the sample or slice. In the case of a drum loop, this usually does not get noticed except in extreme cases, since the whole point of ReCycle is to preserve the timing of the slices no matter at what pitch the individual slices are played. So, for example, if a booming bass drum is dropped an octave in pitch, it will play twice as long, but before it can ring out that long, the next slice in the loop will be played over it.

Shifting only the pitch (without affecting duration) can be achieved in Reason's audio tracks, with the Transpose feature, or by using the Neptune device. There are also a couple RE devices like Polar that can do that. But ReCycle itself is not what you need if that pitch-shifting is all you're looking for.
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