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Lightbulb How to emulate Figure's behaviors, in Reason?

Hey everyone,

I picked up Figure a few months back just for the heck of it, and have found that I absolutely LOVE it as an idea generating tool I can use absolutely anywhere. If you play around with changing the pattern and note ranges after you have already recorded something, in addition to being able to change the key of the entire song... you can come up with some really fantastic "happy accidents".

Thing is, obviously Figure isn't really ideal for completely finishing out a track. So I'd love to emulate its behavior as best as I can, within Reason. Sure I can also dump out the audio tracks from it and import them into Reason - and I've been doing that. Even Recycling some of them to give a bit more control. But the ideal scenario would be to have the same easy, flexible features within Reason.

So the question is, how do you all think we might be able to most closely duplicate these aspects of Figure:

1. It's built-in arpeggiation ("Rhythm") patterns
2. It's recently added "Ties" feature
3. The "Scale Steps" functionality

I've been playing with using the RPG-8 for #1, but since it appears to lack the ability to select different patterns on the fly, it doesn't seem like the way to go. Also I can't get it to behave the same as Figure. In Figure, A note can be held (legato) until it is retriggered by the arpeggiator. But with the RPG-8 it seems to only hold notes for the duration of pattern events that are enabled, making everything stacatto.

I haven't really been able to wrap my head around the Matrix (I've been out of touch with Reason since about version 3...) and how it might fit the bill here. It has the pattern functionality I'd like to have (could create all 16 Figure patterns and just save them) but can't figure out how to make it behave the way I want.

Not even sure where to go for #2 and #3 but I'm hoping to spark some interesting discussion and maybe find some solutions.

Thanks all!