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Time-Stretch Issue

I imported a 170 bpm sample into a 130 bpm session, disabled stretch, chopped it up, then wanted to manually stretch some clips. apparently this doesnt work.
so i enabled stretch, all the clips I highlighted automatically stretched to the session tempo in an extreme way. i lost the beautiful sample i chopped. almost as if it reset itself. hard to explain. try it.

i dont want these clips to behave this way. i want to preserve the edits at the original tempo then manually time-stretch. this is not possible. or maybe it is & i am doing this wrong.

I should be able to import a sample, disable stretch, chop it up & reconfigure it, and if it want to then subsequently stretch one of the reconfigured clips using option-click-drag, i should be able to do it w/o the clip going crazy on me and changing my edit.

currently, once you disable stretch, option-click-drag (manual time stretching) is not an option and it has hinderend me greatly when trying to experiment w sample.

take a look at protools. their handling digital audio is pretty simple.

there is no enable or disable stretch. its all done manually.

i think the solution to this would be to keep the enable/disable function in Reason but allow for manual stretching when disabled.

i hope this makes sense. its difficult to put into words. i would suggest going through the above described steps to see what i am talking about. please fix this. i have yet to fully convert over to Reason because of this digital audio issue. and i really want to ditch protools :P

thank you,

p.s. true nudge feature is absolutely necessary.