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Originally Posted by rahiem View Post
I'm having issues with my ignition key! I'm running Record 1.5 and Record is Not seeing it connected to my macbook pro and I'm using OS X 10.6.8
It was working fine as recent as yesterday evening but when I attempted to open it today I keep getting COULD NOT INSTALL OR UPDATE DRIVER FOR IGNITION KEY, PLEASE UNINSTALL OLD DRIVERS AND TRY REINSTALLING THE NEW ONE WHICH I HAVE ALSO TRIED! PLEASE HELP! I'm working on the reunion album for my group Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5!
Assuming you are who you claim you are, you guys are among my GODS. I was nearly 14 when The Message came out and it blew my mind beyond any chance of rehabilitation. Looking forward to that reunion album.

Go here and click on "How do I uninstall Record and Codemeter" (3rd from top). Follow he instructions and reinstall Record. It should work.