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Originally Posted by TheUrbanMaestro View Post
Hello propellerhead,

I just wanted to leave a comment right now because I think I have to mention this somehow...
To come right to the point :

PROPELLERHEAD should work on the weaknesses of the program instead of releasing mediocre new synths...and that is the overall soundquality and the built in fx...After a long long time being a reason user myself I really got used to the workflow and all in one system comcept...loved it and made a lot of beats with it...BUT today I told myself why do I have to fiddle and layer tons of stuff to get the sound of commercial releases nowaday and remade a beat with cubase and some vsts. I know alot of you will get offendet by this now but truth hurts Reason sounds like mp3 out of the box and that is why propellerhead should work on that POINT ! They release a new FM Synth not even sound as crystal clear as the FM8 from Native yourself ! This makes me a bit sad but also angry at the same time...seems like a money makin mashinery here...
And I mean why do you get like 100 forum posts about reason soundquality if you google for it !
Anyway get your quality right props and then start charging thos high amounts of money !
Do you have any test data to support your claim?

I'd venture a like for like comparison will cancel out to nothing on a phase inversion test.

If you have any data to back you subjective claim up I'm sure the props would love to hear from you via a support request.

Otherwise without any supporting evidence we can all assume you are spreading complete and utter misinformation.

The only place I would say there was a difference is if you are exporting at a lower sample rate than your project and using the built in exporter to do the conversion. You may be better served doing the sample rate conversion in another app. that's provided you can actually hear a difference. There are actual tests that show that but it's very minor if not neglegible.

Meanwhile can someone pass me some of that popcorn?