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I don't agree at all.
i m not a fan boy.
I have ears too.
I came from Protools + Plugs : Fm8 , Massive, Kontakt etc.
I would n't say that Reason Sound better than this stuff,
To me Reason is different, it get his own sound;
Yes , it request IMHO a little tweaking everytime, but how many wonderfull Massive patches are really useable ?
Reason offers the chance to personalise deeply each sounds , i don't talk about the stability, no need.
I recently re open Protools for trying a trial version of a Rtas plug , and i had to run away quickly, i was horrified with the interface and the workflow.
The other day , i was need an harpsichord sound, and i was first disapointed with the stock sounds, but after some tweaking, i achiece a sound that i prefer now than the ones a have in Kontakt who are supposed to be top notch.
Of course every improvment in the Reason sound quality will be welcome, but to me it already sounds awesome today.