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The Sound of Freedom

Hello brothers and sisters, hope all is well with the Holidays coming around. I am sure you guys are, or going to be, spending quite a bit of time with reason and other instruments over the break. Hope that is true and some awesome inspiration comes to you all! Anyways, I just wanted to post a new song I wrote about 2 months ago. It's not a dubstep song but more ambient electronic "rock". I throw rock out there because I picked up my good ol tele and put a little harmony in the song lol. Anyways, it is something different and I hope for those that listen are inspired to get to it and make something much more epic then my attempt!

Reason was used and rewired into Reaper, sounds and instruments range from reason to NI to Arturia.

-No loops were used in this recording, %100 original.

Have any questions, feel free to ask!