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Help: Using MPK49 + Alesis IO2 Express with Reason

Hello, I'm fairly new to production and recording, I've been using Reason for about over a year now and I recently bought an Akai MPK49 which connects to the computer VIA USB. It also has MIDI I/O on the back - I began looking for an audio interface to suit my needs but unfortunately I've bought the Alesis IO2 Express without having much knowledge on how to connect it to my MIDI keyboard.
Help is greatly appreciated, here is what I've connected so far, and no response from the interface or Reason when keys are played -

- a MIDI cable from MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN of the audio interface
- a USB from the MPK to my computer
- a USB from the Alesis to my computer

Am I connecting something wrong? Do I have to edit the Preferences?

Thanks for your time!