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Originally Posted by TheMonk View Post
Please do a Maelstrom standalone iPad port. After I got an iPad I got addicted to its virtual synths, I really love them (figure is awesome) but there's the need for some synth like Maelstrom.
Subtractor and/or Thor ports would be welcome too.

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Agreed! However, why not create Reason for the ipad!! It's perfect for it! You could simply have 1 Rack you could scroll through and flip through pages that would include the mixer and the edit window. Dragging cables around with your finger would be epic. I feel as if it's only a matter of time before we see it on the ipad. Having a modular synth like this with access to all RE's is currently making my mouth water!! I'm sure propellerhead is just as psyched as I am to see this happen in the future.

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