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C'mawn Props and/or RE developers ...GO MODULAR

(Bouncing off a previous thread:

I think this REALLY deserves some serious consideration. There are lots of ideas here for refining the various instruments and components in Reason. Many are good even great ideas ...but c'mawn guys, those are ALL fine tuning. Modular is the next logical GIANT leap for Reason.

The core technologies already exist and are already in use. Capturing the existing elements from other synthesizers (VCOs, LFOs, EGs, VCAs, VCFs, Delay, Mixers, Ring Mods, Waveshapers, Sequencers, etc.) would not be a major challenge. Adding to them with some logic modules (pulse counters, step dividers, etc.) and some creative audio processors and controllers would not be much more difficult.

In particular, I think that Propellerhead should AVOID the Moog type of modular synthesis. The modules are just too basic and limited and the exact same functionality (the typical VCO-VCF-VCA voice) is already overly-redundant in the existing synthesizers (Thor, Subtractor and literally ALL of the RE synthesizers.) Limiting such a giant leap opportunity to just another re-arrangement of what we already have in several instruments would be a waste.

Propellerhead should go beyond the basics and develop a modular system that is closer to the Buchla or Serge designs. Get CREATIVE! Look at the TREMENDOUS variety of fascinating modules available in the Eurorack world. Complex MIDI processors, Wavetable oscilators, pattern generators, VC, multi-stage envelope generators, complex waveform oscilators, multi-spectral filters and all kinds of freaky analog processors abound in that world.

Maybe the Props could open up a kind of Rack Extension for individual modules thus throwing open the doors to all kinds of fascinating stuff for us and new markets for them and RE developers.