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Another ig, key problem

Hoping for some help!! Please!!
I need to reset my ignition key for reason 6.5. Also I would like to be able to use my balance interface as an additional key. Is there number to call where I can actually speak to a tech??

Here's my story if you care to read on...I purchased a reason 6.5/balance bundle, it arrived a few days ago. I installed the reason software not realizing it was only upgrade software... (yeah, I know, please, lets move on). During the registration process I inserted my little red ignition key. Long story short, I could not register because I installed ONLY the upgrade software.
After many phone calls the salesperson and I figured out the problem. The balance interface came with reason essentials in the box, which I needed to install/register first in order to use my "upgrade to reason 6.5" software. As it stands now I have essentials and balance working, also I have updated to reason 6.5 which ONLY works with internet verification. I have tried to use "manage licenses" on the propellerhead website and I continually get an error saying my ig. key is already registered to another product.

I am hoping to be able to authorize the ignition key AND balance to run reason 6.5.

One last thing...Do I even need the essentials software now? Is it not just a condensed version of reason?? If so, why even use it if I can simply launch 6.5??

I would really appreciate any help!
Thanks in advance