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Originally Posted by Larzanzo View Post
First of all, thank you Steve Diverse. You answered my question, that is what I figured but I wasn't sure if I could safely remove essentials. Makes sense!

Thanks also to EnochLight. Your solution was a fix for a problem that I did not pointed me in the right direction. I will explain in case anybody else runs into this problem. The physical software I got was reason 6. Once installed I was allowed to go to the prop. website and upgrade for free to reason 6.5. Propellerhead suggests for you to save all reason 6 sound banks then uninstall 6 then download and install 6.5. I believe this is where my issue began with 6.5 not recognizing my ig. key. I ended up clicking "show older versions" of reason on my account....rewrote the license for reason 6, which worked. Once I had authorization for 6, I was able rewrite the license for 6.5.
Now I have authorization for balance and lil' red on 6.5...perfect!
Hope this helps someone else in the future!
Brilliant! Glad to see you got sorted. Welcome to Reason!
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