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Originally Posted by CUBRICON View Post
First of all, I agree that the SDK should be public so that more people can try programming.

I especially think that this would be an interesting tool to teach audio programming with.

However, concerning business licenses, you don't need to spend $800!

Here in Santa Clara, California, it costs $15 for the license plus $32.35 for a "Home Occupation Light/Ordinary Hazard:" inspection.

So, basically, $47.35.

Of course, price may vary depending on the city you live in, e.g. San Jose is $150/year or so.

But $800? Propellerheads isn't asking you to form an LLC !

so, check your city, or just google it "business license in (your city)

FYI, in Utah it's $75 to form an LLC… :-)
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