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Reason 4 -> Record: On Mixer Volumes

I know this is behind time times a bit, with Reason 6 being out by now (and me still not able to afford it), but I know this must apply even to the new stuff, and I'm wondering if someone has an answer for me.

I got Reason 4 when it came out and I loved it. It was the best Reason to date (duh), and I loved working with it. Like the rest of us, I'm sure, I immediately started making projects by tossing in a reMix, hooking it to the main output, and going from there! YAY!

Until, well, then Record comes out! HOLY CRAP NEW MIXER! We got an AMAZING new mixer device, in fact, a whole new paradigm for mixing - a full DAW, with the immense power in the new mixing interface, etc. So neat.

But I have this problem. I have a lofty collection of projects, finished and not so finished, all done in Reason 4....with reMixes. Now I can pull them into Record (or Reason 5/6), and sure enough, there's the mixer setup....with just a single mix track chained to my old reMix. Lovely. So I can just make new tracks for each reMix track, and....wait...wait a minute....the volume levels are different. Drastically! . Crap, I'm hosed.

On the remix, see, the volume levels go from 0 to 127. That's it. That's all you get. On the new cool mixer interface, I get +8.03db to -∞db. That's awesome. But Different!!!!

My question, therefore: I need a function,
f(origional) = new
such that original is the volume level of the reMix track (0-127, or, volume level +1, 1-128), and new is the corresponding volume level to assign to my new mixer track. I know I could just estimate, and then try to remaster the track (which for some tracks needs done anyways), but well, for some tracks, I would just rather not.

Can anyone help me here on this?