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Originally Posted by churchburner View Post
hey. there's no support for reason adapted, so i'm appealing to the forum folk....

i just registered Reason Adapted online, got my license and everything, even downloaded an update for it, but i can neither open the original program (3.0 - it came with protools a few years ago!) nor the updated version (3.0.4); instead i see this:

"the operation could not be completed because the device denied access"

any idea why? i enter my user name exactly as is and paste my license into the corresponding fields, but i'm still blocked from using the program.

whats going on? anyone else experience this?
Seems your license is fine, you have the Adapted icon. So theres a few options, what are you running it on? Windows? Mac? What kind of pc is it? Is it new, old? Etc explain a little more please.