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Originally Posted by Alcapax View Post
As i am the guy who came up with the idea of Rack extensions in the first place i have to say i am disgusted that there are only 71 REs available at this time!!!!

What a disgrace!
Firstly I must thank you for your wonderful contribution to Reason, your influence has no doubt changed it forever, it's such an honour and rare opportunity to get to see you on these forums!

I mean no disrespect at all (you're so great, for what you have done, I just want you to know that). But if you find the amount of RE's currently in the store unsatisfactory (i'm totally with you, yet i'm just a mere unimportant peasant), then I beg of you lord master, use your almighty influence to bring us more RE's, only you can do it, and we're all counting on you. I do not doubt your greatness and your ability to fufill our wishes.

Once again, thank you so much, my life would never be the same without you, please bring us more RE's!
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