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Studio monitors used with mixed inputs possible?

I'm a noob as far as monitors go as I've always mastered with headphones (yes, I know that's bad).

Anyway, I just received my brand new pair of KRK Rockit 5's today, and since I have an external sound card for my music due to mic input (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) used strictly for Reason and music recording/producing, I'm wondering if I can SHARE my KRK speakers with the Scarlett's XLR inputs, and say my computer PC RCA's into the speakers for when I switch over to regular computer use (music listening, gaming, web surfing etc.) or could there be some dangerous polarity mixup or something that could damage the speakers? Mind you I wouldn't be using playing content from both Reason and the computer at the same time, although it's possible a Windows alert sound or something might pop up during production.

So I'll re-ask my question simpler:

Is it ok to hook up TWO different sources into my Rockit 5's, one via XLR, and one RCA or 1/4" and use the speakers for both sources?

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