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Originally Posted by themadcatter View Post
So i finally got rebirth running on my laptop running windows 7 x64. I opened up reason and opened an Rebirth input machine and i kept getting the 'rebirth not found' message? Is their a way around this? can i make it work? if not can i rewire it to fl studio?
Everything you need is in here, it does "work" with w7 64bit, but is a complete waste of time.

But ReBirth with Reason isnt all that good, i spent days setting it all up awhile back(thread above).. all for nothing really since you cant just open them up and make a track like you normally would in reason, you can sync rebirth up alrite but thats about it.. The only worth while way of using rebirth is to make something in it on its own and export the audio file to import into reason.(if u have a reason version capable of audio support)..

Or you could get the audiorealism RE (303 clone)

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