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Originally Posted by alternating.bit View Post
Here's the deal; there is no "software" to set... forget about Reason for a moment and see how I'm trying to play audio from my PC, be it iTunes, or anything. The Scarlett SEES a signal (the lights are pulsing), but I hear no sound coming out of the Scarlett unless I switch it to "Direct Monitor" which sounds weird and is very low. I've tried both headphones and the monitor volume out (to speakers) and hear nothing.

UGHHHHH- so frustrating.

In the SOUND mixer in windows I can see "Line In - 2-Scarlett USB - working" and the level meter bouncing up and down, the "Stereo Mix - Realtek High Definition Audio" onboard soundcard which is putting OUT the sound also has the meters bouncing, but I hear nothing.

My guess is you can't use two sound cards at once?...
As said, direct monitoring should work and not sound strange if set up correctly. Its basically like using the interface as a mixer.
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