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Hey, talk to your buddies at Roland and get them to do the system 700 and 100M for REs. I remember literally drooling over those brochures as a kid in High School!
LOL ...that was almost 30 years ago ...I think everyone I knew there is dead by now. But it was a great time. I had a whole 700 and a couple of 100s in my studio there (along with all the other stuff --SH5-, SH1, SH-7, various processors and electric keyboards. All to myself ...all day long, as long as I was not on the road hauling this stuff around the country.

For me I want to see poly CV AND poly voice interconnects in Reason. Then you really could build your own synth. Poly CV is easy since we already have a CV interface - just need to support poly gate really. Poly voice would require a new interconnect protocol/cable IMO. But if those were in place you could literally mix-n-match any part of any synth with any other. Use Samples from NN-XT going through Thor's filters, and modulated by Malstrom's "Mods", with a poly limiter placed after the filters to control resonance. One can dream… :-)
Oh yeah, of course. Both would be unbelievably great. Poly AND CV-Integrated at the CV/Gate and audio level with the rest of REASON?!?! I mean, eyes bulging, heart-throbbing, arms dangling uselessly at your side, knees going weak, jaw-slackening, died and gone to heaven state of AWE... NOTHING could be better.

...Well ...maybe a neural implant device that reads your musical thoughts and converts them to digital format that executes automatically in REASON. That MIGHT be a little better. But not much.

Have you seen SynFactory?

It has a hopelessly simplistic and unattractive GUI, it's fine-tuned to the point of near-uselessness and it has marginal sound quality. But the modular idea is well-conceived. There is a huge variety of modules, it is endlessly expandable and modules can be laid out freely in two-dimensional space in any way you like. Plus ...its FREE. Check it out.



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