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Zoom in to each rack

After using Reason for some time now, there is one issue that bothers the hell out of me and I believe it should be looked into.

I run dual monitors with both at 1920 X 1080 (I believe this will become more and more the standard as time moves on). When I am viewing the rack view its cool that I can see two columns of rack items however, writing becomes annoying when you are deep into the groove and working fast, your eyes easily gets lost and sometimes I would mistakenly adjust the wrong thor or compressor or reverb by accident because of the clutter.

To fix this, it would be f&#*ing amazing if there was a way to just click a button and zoom into a rack full screen so you can isolate one specific rack item at a time.

Maybe this is just a unique scenario since you will only be able to relate if you have a high resolution and dual monitors.

My two cents...