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RE suggestion: Amplitube 3, Guitar Rig app. ?

One of my first posts so please be kind if this is something already discussed or completely unobtainable within Reason 6 REs. I am also quite unaware of how the developing of software works.
A number of Reason users approach it from the more analogous angle being guitar players firstly, then home recordists secondly.
I have Amplitube 3 but this could also be an issue with other Amp Sim programs like Revalver and Guitar Rig....
Is there any chance of someone developing a RE app that will take the Amplitube 3 program and combine it into the Reason software, ideally at a point where it could be patched into a Combinator? Maybe make the User Interface of this app look like some sort of DI box?
Again, apologies if this is a completely stupid idea, or is unable to be done with Reason, but I am curious if there is a work around using the RE medium.
Cheers, Pete.