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Originally Posted by Aiden View Post
Just had to say I'm loving the Synapse Audio stuff. Deep Reverb is fantastic on Guitar - incredibly lush and just bought Antidote which sounds wonderful and is a dream to program, and great stuff by eXode on the presets. Nice work fella!


Originally Posted by pjeudy View Post
DEEP reverb is a great.. Now with the updated version I might have to pull the trigger.. but ANTIDOTE will be $150 or so U.S end of the month. ..It got me stuck between it and PREDATOR RE, which I also love from the DEMO..WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO ... :-)

One things for sure DEEP REVERB will tax my cpu...the demo version did !!!
One thing to consider if you haven't pulled the trigger on the DR-1 yet is that it's pretty much the same reverb that comes with Antidote (the HP/LP Cut sections have different response between Antidote and the DR-1 but other than that they're identical). Also all the other effects on Antidote are of high quality and you can process external audio through Antidote's FX (in case you didn't know). The 1.1 update of Antidote also added wavetables as well as new modes for the phaser and a new rate crusher mode for the distortion.