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Erasure - I Lose Myself (2012 Update)

This is quite a massive update to this remix originally from 2010. It is basically the same song with new kicks, new synths and loads of new effects and techniques that were used in house music in 2012.

The whole idea of this remix is to keep the feeling and the hook of the original track and make it more energetic and suitable for the mainstream dance floor. I was really inspired by how RedOne made Usher's track More a little hotter so I borrowed the name for this remix.

Regarding the production I did make extensive use of Thor as always. For the first time I've also been working with Antidote which is a true joy to work with and has really good presets by eXode. For the master chain I tried something a little different. I created a 4-band compressor of RE-2A's which I think worked quite nice. (On top of that there is of course other stuff as well but this part was a new addition.)

Should anyone be interested in any of the synths or the mastering chain feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to share

Hope you like it!

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