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Originally Posted by eXode View Post
Great minds think alike!

The biggest difference (albeit a small one) is that your solution involves a top panel with polyphony, controls and a MBRS. Myself, I'm speaking of a very strict barebones system, literally an empty rack holder for modules that allow for patching only.

Something like this really (with support for the already mentioned module sizes)

OK, I'm following you now. Sadly neither of our approaches is possible in a RE format, so both would have to come from the Props IMO. Of course I'd advocate for my system (!), for obvious reasons and also because (if I'm understanding your device correctly) mine does everything your's does and more (presets, master controls, MBRS, internal CVs at audio rate and full polyphony to name a few). My device also provides audio/cv jacks on the rear, so I believe you could still use it like your device if you like, right?

And it's worth pointing out that both approaches allow not just synths, but FX or synths + FX.

But the biggest difference IMO is third party support - by adding third party support you've ensured a diversity of modules in the present and on into the future, which would be awesome IMO. So naturally I want to 'borrow' that idea from your device for my device, with all due respect and credit to you, naturally! :-)
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