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Originally Posted by SONNYHOTmusic View Post
Before Reason 6.5, Izotope Ozone was my favorite plug in for mastering.. I would rewire Ableton and Reason, and go to work with Ozone... That's all I needed!!! I wish they would make a complete Izotope Ozone for the rack extension... I couldn't ask for anything else..
I think two things are holding us back:

SDK. Need spectrum analyzes and multiwindow interfaces. Much of izotope's plugins are based off of these concepts.

Latency compensation. The high algorithm limiters use a lot of look ahead processing and Reason has no good way of handling this other than delaying the whole output. I think if Izotope went with their higher algorithms, we would have been in latency hell which probably just isn't practical on an uncompensated system such as Reasons.