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Matrix advanced

Imagine a new matrix. One that can have multiple layers for making chords right in the matrix sequncer. or can be used to layer multiple sounds. Among that it could also have a built in programer for neat grid allowing you to manipulate notes drawn by repeating chosen notes in sync with the tempo for example stuttering a wub wub bassline or drum stuttering. Like buffre the new matrix would also show the actual wav file being played. Basicaly you have a mixer for each step there would be a row of knobs one for repeat time an one for the length also a switch to sync or unsync each step .This matrix would also be capable of a 128 steps instead of 64.It would be able to organize pats as well such as from octo rex. it would allow you to arrange all 8 of the loops that are loaded.Finally the icing on the cake do to its ability to actual show wav file playback an the stutter manipulation kinda of like buffre it would also allow reverse play complete with a weel on this matrix allowing you to virtualy scratch the sounds being played with in it