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Allow me to introduce myself with three tracks.

First off, dear music forum, i wish to express my apologies for an uncalled for whiny plea for attention. I hope we can let that thread roll off into forum oblivion, because i would like to make my second thread on the music forum in a more positive note. It was totally not fair of me to expect the attention of the forum toute-suite on a generally occupied day as noel. Im rarely over on this side, just take a peek here and there when the PUF is dull.

@rvolt, thanks for a needed bitchslap, and ive really enjoyed your stuff on the soundcloud. The glock samples are simply lovely.

@moldyboy, you know im such a jerk. i saw your thread, meant to listen your track, but then was immediately distracted by my nephew, because, well, it was charistmas. that said, ive listened it and, its nice. definitly a more lovely version of that beloved melody.

@CarlGrace, ive listened to a bunch of your tracks before, im quite a fan, especially your PolySix track you posted last summer. Youve got a certain voice, just made for synthpop. Thanks for the honest critique, and aggreed that christmas track is a bit of a mess, more on that later.

That said aftera year or so of fulltime fing around and never finishing a track, ive decided to push out a few tracks absolutely, mixdown, and put "out there" on my soundcloud, for better or worse. I am no sound engineer, and everything i know about mixing comes from the puf and youtube. its a brickwall that i push against, althought its slowly breaking through for me.

Ive pushed out three tracks you can listen to here:

The first is pavement, it was intended as an entry for the buffre song challenge, and sadly due to a misunderstanding on my part, i went to submit it exactly 24 hours too late. There was a sick sound outside, and i ran to record it, and then started buffring. There is actually only one buffrre, in the master insert with an fx send to a 3/16 delay, glued together with a DR1. thanks CG for saying it reminds you of a serial killer film, thats quite flattering.

Second is Forked bells, this is where my buddy came over and forced me to track, mixdown, and post in one shot. Its basically a straight improv, no quantize. The drums are all played realtime, Buffre as well. Only the underlying loop was presequenced, which set the metronome. The MalletKat rules.

Third is my disaster of a Christmas Track. you see, i decided about two weeks out that i HAD to make a christmas track, having in reality no time in which to do it. Thats what you hear there. You know, how your at that one store, and its playing that one song, but then you have to go to that other place, and then theres some other sone over there by the video game blah, its so hectic the holdays, thats what i was trying to capture. It went a bit overboard, and there was quite a rush job on the final mixdown, because the titme simply didnt exist, but thats the spirit of the holdays, because now there are so many things going on that we cant possibly finish anything properly...

Thanks for listening, and ive decided to become a music forum lurker going forward, as well, i am now officially a musician producing tracks, and id like to talk music for a bit rather than what new thing to spend my money on.

chiao, and thanks for listening.
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