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Originally Posted by electricfusion View Post
I admit i didn´t read it completely...i´m more the trail and error type of a "musician".
Something what still amazes me in Reason,after all those years, are all the hidden gems which aren´t obvious at 1st look.
That's quite alright in my book. Problem starts when people don't dig, don't expect to be surprised be hidden gems and simply request/demand for stuff to be made (now as) Rack Extensions... which, before, only being able to request/ask for to PH it would result in nothing, because PH knew it was already something possible or implemented but... some of the new RE Devs are somewhat clueless to what Reason already does which results in implementing things that were already possible.

Granted, if that helps the Reason Essentials folks, so be it... smaller market (I'm assuming!) but hey, that's the RE Devs choice (even if unknowingly, sometimes)
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