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Originally Posted by jkheal View Post
If I may ... a language that describes and steps through what happens already in the background when "recording" automation. Plus, expose more of Reason to automation, such as Blocks, so you could program Blocks to kick off in a particular sequence or at particular times.

Right now, automation is akin to recording a Macro in Microsoft Word, whereas the scripting language would be akin to Visual Basic for Applications, which allows much more flexibility than simply recording Macros.
Originally Posted by selig View Post
A better example, and a suggestion that has been made before, is a scripting language like Kontakt has, although this may not be what the OP is suggesting.

I have suggested that such a scripting language be a part of a new Combinator, allowing all sorts of interesting note based scripting such as key switching, poly arpeggiators, intelligent/scale-based live transpose (aka "forcing all notes to a scale no matter which notes are played"), intelligent harmonization (also live), etc. :-)

Cheers guys that would be a cool thing indeed and that would make Reason a bit more komplet .... that was a bad joke I know haha

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