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The way I'd like to see blocks go is to simply allow multiple block lanes, that way I'd be able to have blocks dedicated to certain things and really this would just give me more flexibility when using blocks.
I think it would be really useful for grouping certain tracks together and more people would find a use for blocks that works for them.
If props would implement this I would be most pleased and also the option to trigger blocks (and assign them to keys or pads) would be even more awesome. Update Kong so we can set it to block mode and in block mode instead of browsing samples we could just select the block number/name. Underneath each pad should be a little bar showing the progress of the block that's playing.
Also the ability to set values (1bar,1/4,1/8,1/16 etc....) would be handy with the option of setting a block to loop or play once. This can all be done with kong
Being able to retrigger the block at any point with the values on would keep everything in time as well.
Even if it's not kong then a new fresh device and if someone wanted to they could hook the blocks device up to kongs pads.

There's so many possibilities with blocks here and it definitely needs a revamp, this is how I would like to see blocks in reason 7 - please