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Excellent production, and cool guitaring, and all the tracks feature some very nice chord changeups and good solid basslines and drum programming throughout.

It's all very modern guitar blues with some of the downsides that presents (for me... I'm old school ). Summer Treat is perhaps the standout, it's got more of a hook. Coasting By I also enjoyed. 4 Days is a lovely album-closer though, nice texture there with the horns. Perhaps it's because they are missing words (I was kind of making some up as the excellent Better Day was playing), but generally it felt a bit too samey tonally, all the solos are the same guitar sound, so the tracks don't seem to really seem go anywhere, and build to a conclusion (e.g. Rise Above, ironically, goes nowhere and stays pretty flat throughout).

So yes, you're definitely in the right ball-park, but pull back on the guitar solos - they are ment to break up the song, not be the song. Get some words!

I hope that's not too negative - cos I'm not easily impressed and I really liked the way you approach the chord sequence changes.
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