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Originally Posted by selig View Post
Pardon my lack of creative vision this early in the morning, but what sorts of things would you do if you had this capability? :-)
Ok, not so much on the creative side but more for workflow but for me being able to record a task and have it permanently assigned somewhere (keyboard shortcut/hardware controller/remote override section) would expand the remote override section and I could tailor my mappings more to how I think it should be. Everyone has different ways of doing things so I think this would tailor to peoples unique needs a bit more as well.
I think my post may have strayed a bit from the OP but at the same time they would work well together because it's just adding the extra option of recording as well as writing these processes (more user friendly)

I just know that if I could map things exactly how i want/need them then my workflow would be so smooth
Oh and I always remembered macros being quick and easy to do and they helped me in the past when doing websites at school etc...