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Cuemix on iphone

I know this isn't reason-related per say, but many of you including myself use motu interfaces, so I thought I'd share this.

I am about to get an ipad, and I have borrowed others' ipads before and cuemix was really nice on Touchosc. But I wanted to find a way to do this temporarily on my iphone until I raised the funds for the ipad.

I found a way.

I just took the mk3 layout that comes free with the motu 896mk3 drivers, and removed everything but the essentials for mixing on buses, and shrunk down everything else, and rearranged things a bit. And it worked really well.

Here is the layout file if you want to use it.

I just wanted to share it with my reason friends in case it might help anyone.
I may add some more pages later to add more functionality, but as small as the iphone screen is you can fit a lot on there.


I'm sure you could do this with any of the other motu touchosc layouts, but I was only interested in the mk3 layout.

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