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Originally Posted by selig View Post
Sorry I wasn't more clear, I understand the concept of automating things, I'm just struggling to find an application for the way I like to work. Could you describe a few typical specific examples of how you would apply this concept to your workflow? :-)
Ah got you
Well personally I'd like to be able to assign F5,F6 & F7 to the three buttons above the screen on my maschine mikro but because it's not in the remote override edit mode, I can't. Atleast if I was able to record these as macros in the remote override section I could and then be able to assign them to the mikro.
I could also assign the 'scene' button to a macro that would switch to blocks view and bring up the drop down menu in one go and then I can just scroll through and hit enter.
Or say you've got an old spare controller not doing much, record macros for all your favourite reason devices so all you have to do to load up PX7 is tap a pad.

The suggestions might seem lazy but I'm always that bit closer to my controllers and don't really use keyboard shortcuts. I think I'd assign all my Akai LPD8 pads to my 8 favourite reason devices

I'd love some way of being able to customise my workflow more to my needs, doesn't have to be macros but was just a thought.