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Originally Posted by QVprod View Post
I think he's basically saying he wants customizable shortcuts and permanent remote overides/ midi learn; not necessarily what I would consider "scripting" but potentially useful for those who don't like the way reason's shortcuts are currently mapped out and useful for mapping controllers a certain way without having to remap it for every new song/project (and without editing excel sheets).
I always save my templates so that I don't have to remap anything but basically yes. When I mapped it all out in control editor for mikro and that didn't work I had to do it in reason but certain things I could not map with remote override which lead me to wanting to be able to do my own custom overrides so that I can fully integrate my controller specific to me. I don't really have the time to learn and remap the actual remote file in excel, so it would be useful to have a more user friendly way that is quicker and easier for everyone