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Originally Posted by prizebeatz1 View Post
That first track was too much of a challenge to listen to for me. I liked the second track as it had more of an underlying structure. I understand it was done in one live take? The bells came out great..
Glad you liked the second track, it wasnt quite one live take, there was a bit of copypaste, but the note data is raw and unedited. Thats what comes out of spending far too much time jamming without the record button on... The sound you hear was an FSB patch on the good ole Subtractor with a few tweaks.

I understand how the first and second were rough to listen to. In the third i had lost the piano a bit in the mix, and pushed it forward wayyyy too much. Im hoping to have a much improved remix in the near future. I was against a wall of time and cpu, i kept bouncing tracks, realizing i needed go go back to the source, but having no time to back up and running far too many REs.. Computer too slow to play song....
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