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Lightbulb Watch me mixdown a Reason track live on Ustream later on today...

Hey guys I'm going to be doing another live Ustream broadcast later on today at 3pm eastern standard time. I will be working on a mixdown of a Reason track going through how I approach mixing in Reason 6.5 . You guys can watch as I compress,eq, ect... and chat with me while I'm mixing. I'll be walking through my mixing process as I go.

I want to thank everyone who showed up the last time for my first live broadcast. Special thanks to Reason user BEATSKNOCKING for supplying the Reason file to be mixed and to lilgeez for his words of encouragement. He posted on a thread I started "Just got done watchin a little bit of the Stream and I must say that I am IMPRESSED!!! Keep em comin bro! Highly Reccommended".(

I hope that this broadcast can help some of those who are new to Reason or those who find themselves struggling with their mixing techniques. I hope to we have some new viewers today and I look forward to those who showed up the last time.

It's free to watch live and chat with me (asking any questions or anything else). If you want you can sign in with your fackbook account (optional) so I can see your name whenever you post something in the live chat. Again the live broadcast will be starting at 3pm eastern standard time.

Here is the link to my Ustream channel....