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Thank you all for you feedback (accept one person, but thanks anyway to this person who mean personal attacks are usefull, I know now the ignore feature).

@OMOMS: fully agree accept one thing: I think many Reason users that work, are here in the forum.
@SMEDBERG: Don't forget, that many users buy not only Reason! I purchased Record also!

Yes, I would pay for more functions like midi-out(a very old wish to use my external synths and drum machines), a new SDK 2.0 for REs, delay compensation, full automation on NN-XT, sub-busses, group busses, track/bus colors on the mixer and so on.

If I add any Refill this year I have bought, than my bill is over 1ooo Euros. Thats maybe not much for someone, but I was a little bit shocked about my outgoings in summery for Rack Extensions. That is my message.
And I own some DAWs (Sonar,Orion,FLStudio) and many VSTs. But I never had the feeling it was expensive. But on Reason it make me wonders now.

+Antidote 79 Euro

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