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1st Post here. Tryin' out Reason Essentials

Hey All. i've been using MPC's and synths for years and now have moved into a small apt. and only have access to a laptop and midi controller. Just getting into the swing of things. I've also bult up a sample collection over the years of multi-sampled keyed instruments and percussion that I share for FREE on my tumblr blog...

after digging around for some sounds in reason, i realized i missed some of my analog sounds... in the process of making some nn-xt patches with the synths/percussions i've sampled over the years... Just put up some Jupiter4 sound sets on the blog.

I'm really digging subtractor!!! I'll keep looking around these forums for tips. Just wanted to say Hi and share some sounds... I haven't bought essentials yet, so I can't post in the other forum yet... hopefully soon.