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Yeah I think something was lost in transition to the Record/R6 layout. Ease of use, immediacy, sense of navigation, umm, sanity.

I think they should have kept the single rack column, put the mixer on the RHS in the same window, throw away channel strips, and when you want to route a device/fx to the rack, just throw the cables to the right hand side.

No panning around anywhere, easy to find where you are vertically (rack) and horizontally (mixer), no forced pseudo-combinator devices, no awkward insert-fx-that-aren't-insert-fx-according-to-the-mixer, no need for multi-monitor setups, and very tidy cabling at the back as interconnected device cables go up and down, mixer routings just go straight to the right. Crikey it's not rocket science. You even get a schematic diagram in the product logo...

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