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few questions related to reason usage


I have a basic question related to reason 6.5 usage.

I am very new to this hence asking...

Till now I use Yamaha - PSR 3000 as my synthesizer. I don't like sounds and styles from that keyboard...I want to go away from it. I am planning to use Reason 6.5 sounds and use my keyboard as MIDI question is, when I start using my keyboard as MIDI controller, can I still divide my keyboard into left and right sections i.e - today if I play something on my keyboard (without reason), I choose sound for left, right-1 and right-2..Left section is what I use for chords and right-1 and right-2 for back to the question, if I use my keyboard as MIDI than can I still divide my keyboard into 3 sections, left, right-1 and right-2 or I can not do that...I plan to have reason used when I play live hence I would like to have similar feel and have chord sections and it's sound, melody section and it's sound organized through reason software.

this is going to be my first attempt to use my keyboard as midi controller and use sound from software.