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Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
Like always this is a really good song. The intro and production is really up-to-date, like up-to-the-minute. I like a more retro, classic vibe personally but I know this is what you were going for, and you do it well.

One thing I would still work on is your vocals. They aren't bad, but to my ears they are too auto-tuned and thin. Your vocals in Only Hope and Turn Your Back were exceptional, and I don't think the vocals on Even Though (We Said Goodbye) show off what a good singer you really are. I'm not bashing the song, I'm just saying maybe you should think about trying a cleaner vocal and seeing how it works with the song. In that way you should show the A&R guys that not only are you a talented songwriter and producer, but you're an excellent singer as well.
I feel the same way, I'll be redoing the vocals, might even add some harmonies in the pre-chorus. I know what you mean about the production and I personally like more retro stuff too but alas the A&R folks probably wouldn't go for that sort of thing as much sadly so I just kind of have to give them what the want to gain support. Thanks!