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Originally Posted by nickdeanx View Post
Hey guys!
I've never posted on here so whats up? My name's Nick. I've been working on a track and have been attempting to recreate the lead synth from the song posted below with no success. I literally can't even come up with anything remotely close and I've literally given up

So if anyone would like to immensely help a guy out, give a stab at it and tell me how to get even something SIMILAR I'd be ridiculously grateful!

Heres the track:

^ Its the one that starts right at the beginning and is used throughout the chorus section. It's kinda daftpunk-esque and it'd sound perfect in what I'm working on. I don't know if it's a sampled instrument or what I have no idea lolol

Thanks to anyone for even reading! haha
sounds like it's a couple different leads mixed together, also there is some saturation/saturation. Dont give up! Try using like different kinds of synths to combine into that custom sound not just trying to rely on like one thor. I really love this track instrumental btw haha