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New Balance and Nothing But Problems (No Sound, Blinking Lights)

I have Reason 6.5 installed on my iMac and the serial number for Reason is listed on my Propellerhead account. I connected my brand new Balance (that was delivered today) to my iMac and downloaded my Reason license key to the device. So far, so good.

At least, that's what I thought. However, the first thing I noticed was that the ready lights on the Balance were blinking back and forth. So, even though the license key loaded to the Balance just fine, OS X and Reason weren't recognizing the Balance.

I restarted my iMac and noticed that the Balance wasn't even active at all (no blinking lights, no response to buttons, etc.). I unplugged the USB cable and re-connected the Balance to the iMac, and everything started working. OS X recognized the Balance, and audio was flowing in and out of the device. Reason recognized the device and everything worked.

Again... or so I thought. I then noticed that when I pressed the Meter/Tuner button on the Balance, the meter window in Reason would appear and then immediately disappear. So, I turned off the iMac and rebooted it. At that point, I noticed that the Balance was back to a state where no lights were on and nothing was working. No audio was flowing, and button presses did nothing.

So... I paid $600 for this hardware/Reason combo direct from Propellerhead, wait a week for it to arrive, and this is what I get? Hardware that doesn't work? I convinced my wife that it was a good idea to move away from Logic Pro and into Reason, and she reluctantly agreed. Now, I look like a fool.

So... now I have a non-working device and no one around to help me. I tried calling Line 6, but they don't even recognize Balance (or Propellerhead) as a support option. Now what? What do I do now?

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