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Originally Posted by batcountry69 View Post
recently upgraded from 4 to the latest version. Had my first play with it last night and I love the new toys, audio integration and ssl channel strips.

I can't put my finger on why exactly, perhaps it's the addition of the channel strip module for each, synth, audio track or combinator... but the rack view gets real messy real quick. I'm someone who uses A LOT of cv routing and separate units to build a single patch so scrolling a massive vertical rack containing all of my synths and effects always had the potential to get confusing, the more complicated a set up became.

Anyhow, even if others aren't finding the same, I still think the following integration would be far more intuitive..

Basically I'm suggesting a tab that expands racks alongside their assigned mixer channel. You could have multiple racks open at once to still be able to cross patch between racks and have a hotkey or tab to close all racks when you just want to focus on the mixer.

Kinda seems like a no-brainer to me and I hope the props and everyone else can see the benefit.
You mean like with a real SSL and a real Rack?