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Originally Posted by batcountry69 View Post
Not quite like a real ssl and real rack no but my background is tour FOH and it IS like selecting a channel on a digital desk and having all its associated parameters or inserts pop up on the screen or control surface.

I'm not sure if that was sarcasm but why shouldn't we implement virtual workflow that simply isn't possible in the real world?

If studio owners could defy the laws of physics and do this, I'm sure they would.
yeah sorry that was sarcasm didn't mean to make a mockery of your ideas or work though.
I've never had problems with messyness in general, somehow I believe it does leave space for more creativity (in my life&workflow that is ).
But anyway I'm all for options. I might actually enjoy working like this, you never know
so I pretty much like the idea of grouping and hiding mixer channels.